Project Laponia “Looking for Northern Lights”

Laponia “Looking for Northern Lights”

Project Laponia - Pigments on linen canvas - 150x510cm
Project Laponia – Pigments on linen canvas – 150x510cm

An Art Residency (during summer and fall 2018) in Lapland in the North of Sweden, led me to create a body of work called Laponia, a series of artworks composed of several interconnected paintings and drawings inspired by the light, the skies, the colours, the nature and the people of Laponia (particulary the cultural heritage and ethnical identity of the Sami People). I experienced limitless views and endless landscapes, a feeling of freedom, serenity, solitude and an awareness of the place of human beings in their environment, their identity in a fragmented and more and more isolated and individualistic world.

These paintings and drawings are a tribute to Lapland, to the savage swedish landscapes. They express my admiration and fascination for the Northern skies and lights and the silence of the nights in Laponia.

With this body of work I want to immerse and envelop the viewers in a particular atmosphere, filled with emotions and thoughts, to embrace them with the particular atmosphere of Laponia. With this intangible and emotional experience I want to encourage introspection, critical examination of self and reflection.

“Konstnärsresidens i Västra Örträsk, en fantastisk upplevelse och inspirationskälla. Himlarna och skyarna, ljuset, naturen, älv, sjö och fors, tystnaden, allt var fascinerande och inspirerande. Molnen och deras lyriska skådespel var en förtjusning som framkallade starka känslor och minnen, funderingar och fantasifulla rysningar, som jag försökte att återskapa genom dessa målningar. En flykt, en resa, ett dopp i Lapplands omfamnande himlar.”