Louise Bourgeois once said « Colour is stronger than language. It’s a subliminal communication. »

I was raised between Stockholm, Sweden and southern France. Since childhood, I have felt divided between the introspective, solitary culture of the vast Swedish landscapes and the more emotive character of the French. My work embodies this personal sense of ambivalence. I have constructed a visual trope about interiority, introspection and how mental process can bring about greater communal expressiveness.

I began painting at an early age, always attuned to the ways that color and light merged with thought itself.

My abstract paintings are a personal expression of my fascination for colours and forms, skies and landscapes, the northern light and the southern brightness. The paintings are only made of pigments from the dry pastels that I crush, smash and smear on the canvas. My process is physical and tactile, engaging all of my body and senses. I paint laying on the floor, I need to feel near and part of the painting, working from the four sides, walking around the canvas and literally being in the painting.
I put coat after coat of pigments, trying to bring up the best of every tint, its deepness, vibrations, force and sensibility. The gesture is intense and specific, the pace high, the composition completed in my mind, the work is made in one sitting and the degrees of separation between feeling and fulfillment are narrow. This type of process that vacillates between structure and intuition is comparable to the primitive dances, where the orchestrated movements are countered by spontaneity and chance.

I am moved by color relationships, but I don’t want my pictures appreciated solely for their spectral qualities. I want to express my feelings rather than illustrate them and I want my paintings to be highly expressive, conveying strong emotional content. I’m interested in expressing strong emotions and deep feelings, creating a meaningfull dialogue with the spectators, envelop the viewers in a particular atmosphere, and inviting them to take part of an immaterial world, filled with serenity, existentialism and poetry.
I love the abstract for its lack of representation and total freedom, and I urge the viewers to seek personal spirituality by projecting their own internal ideas onto my canvas. The expected effect of my paintings is an intense emotion or ethereality.