My abstract paintings are a personal expression of my fascination for colours and forms, the northern light and the southern brightness. Rhythm, harmony and textures are important in the paintings that I make. Every painting starts with a picture in my mind, inspired by a text, a poem, some lyrics from a song or an opera, a dream I had, my fascination for the sky and its unique and ever changing design. I put on some music, often my brother’s and the colours invade the canvas like the ballerina enters the stage. Every note, every word, every thought is a colour.

Ever since I was a child, I have always seen colours in everything. It is my way to translate what I hear, read, taste, feel, smell or see. In every corner of my life there is a colour or a nuance. Colours are my way to understand the world.

When the music is on, I enter a very singular world of colours that I only leave when the painting is finished. I bring all the colours together in order to create a harmonious landscape with rhythm and deepness, darkness and lightness.

I use dry pastel with pure pigments, that I crush, smash and smear on the canvas, with my fingers and hands, kneeling on the floor, feeling the textures: it is a very physical way of painting. The multiple layers create new combinations and collisions, the light appears or disappears like a cloudy sky, a dream landscape, an ethereal world.

The paintings include fragments from the past, my dreams and my imagination mixed with images from my life, translated from my emotions. I use fragments of the past and the present. The paintings have an old and well known imagery, sometimes they are organic, trying to get into the deepness of the soul, sometimes they are spiritual, celestial, dreamful and romantic. I create images that question the spectator and invite him to take part of an immaterial world, filled with serenity, existentialism and poetry; a personal interpretation of abstract expressionism and color field painting.
My paintings are only made of pigments from the dry pastels I use. Texture, surface treatments and colour are very important aspects of my work in order for each painting to have a very profound and captivating presence.

The goal is to create a compelling work of abstract art by which the viewer feels endlessly absorbed in order to generate a meaningful dialogue. The paintings may not only be seen as decorative, but they can offer a wider perspective if the viewer decides to take a closer look at the details.

My work is faithful to what I am : an original match between the colourful and sensitive way of decorating Swedish homes and a spiritual and abstract French piece of art.