Project Laponia “Looking for Northern Lights”

Laponia “Looking for Northern Lights”

Project Laponia - Pigments on linen canvas - 150x510cm
Project Laponia – Pigments on linen canvas – 150x510cm

This summer and fall I had the opportunity to do an Art Residency in the North of Sweden, in a little village called Västra Örträsk in the region of Lapland.
Here started a new body of work, inspired by the light, the sky, the colours, the nature and the people of Laponia.

I had always dreamed about the particular atmosphere and luminosity you have in this area, the fantastic skies and surrounded brightness you can see.
But the experience was even better then my dreams.
I felt litterally in love with the skies and the clouds, the landscapes and the nature, the manifold shades and hues, the inhabitants and the incredible surrounding serenity.
I had never experienced landscapes so wide that the sky could embrace you, that the colours surrounded you totally and that nothing could stop your race, your vision, your dreams. A feeling of freedom that touched me deeply.

The skies and their unique and ever changing design have always inspired me and are the basis of my artistic work.
This particular light and these skies that never get dark even during the winter, the reflections in the frozen lakes, the albescent horizon and the indigo sunset, every moment was highly inspiring for me.
The paintings I made are a tribute to Lapland, to the savage swedish landscapes, to my home country. They express my admiration and fascination for the Northern skies and lights and the silence of the nights in Laponia.

The dreams are a very important part of my work and my life. Spending time looking for the Northern Ligths was a magical experience. My purpose is not to tell a story, it is about a dream that came true and to encourage involvement and imagination by providing the viewers with an intangible and emotional experience.
With this body of work I want to invite the viewers to an immaterial world filled with serenity and hope, to embrace them with the particular atmosphere of Laponia, make them travel, dream and spur their desire of exploration and freedom.

“Konstnärsresidens i Västra Örträsk, en fantastisk upplevelse och inspirationskälla. Himlarna och skyarna, ljuset, naturen, älv, sjö och fors, tystnaden, allt var fascinerande och inspirerande. Molnen och deras lyriska skådespel var en förtjusning som framkallade starka känslor och minnen, funderingar och fantasifulla rysningar, som jag försökte att återskapa genom dessa målningar. En flykt, en resa, ett dopp i Lapplands omfamnande himlar.”